Turning dreams into reality

June 2020

Ever wonder what the magic is behind getting what you want?

It's called a goal.

The purpose of goals is give your brain a direction and here are some tips for making and achieving them for yourself.

1. Decide what you want and make sure it’s stretching you, don't be afraid to dream ie it's not something on your to do list. Add something you already have along with the goal (it tricks the mind and means you are not wanting from a place of scarcity)

2. Get specific with dates, amounts etc I am going to go Thailand by 30 August 2021 with my best friend. The only thing that you don’t include at this stage is the how, because your brain will want to block it and start asking questions like  “How are you going to do that? or "don't be so rediculous'.

3. Write it down. When you get it out of your brain and on to a piece or your type it, it suddenly becomes real.

4. Look at your goal every morning and evening and as much as you can in between. Adjust it if necessary. .

5. Expect negative emotion to come up including, I’m not sure, I can’t do it, what if it won’t work - it is natural part of the process. If you are having negative thoughts, look at them and use my method in #1 and look at those thoughts and change them to something believable.

6 Imagine the goal has already been achieved, how does it feel? What do you look like? Who are you with? Then work backwards and list all the things you had to do to make the goal achievable – these are your action points of your plan so write them down..

7. Add your list of action points to your diary over a 3 month period to start with - when they are in the diary they are a commitment for you to do them. If you are unable to achieve them on the day, move them to another day but make sure you do each.

8. Review your goals. As well as looking at your goals every day, it’s important to review them with a friend, colleague or a life coach.  This will increase your motivation and help you to achieve your goal.

I offer individual coaching sessions to help you to identify your goals, put together an action plan and then review them with you so you are accountable.  If you would like achieve your dream goal, please get in touch.

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