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Hello, I’m Sam Hook, a qualified Life Coach and Business Coach in Newcastle. 

If you are looking to feel more confident at work, in business or in any aspect of you life, I offer in person or virtual coaching sessions and programmes to teach you mindset tips and techniques to reduce your negative beliefs and rediscover how amazing you are to maximise your potential.

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Personal coaching and counselling


Tailored life coaching to suit your needs, whether it’s a particular goal you’d like to work on or a challenge you are facing.

Business coaching


Coaching for business owners and employees to increase confidence, motivation, resilience and growth.

Leadership coaching


Coaching for business owners and employees to increase confidence, motivation, resilience and growth.



Scheduled and private workshops to increase your confidence personally and professionally


Client spotlight

Client spotlight

This is Marion Botella, a brilliant Newcastle-based product photographer and I’ve had the pleasure of being her coach this year to assist in building her business confidence. Marion specialises in bespoke creative and original visuals for businesses and offers product...

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Client testimonial

Client testimonial

Introducing one of my coaching clients, Sibylle Clerey of Sibylle Clerey Interiors in Newcastle.Sibylle set up her company in 2020 and offers distinctive and unique interiors for residential and commercial properties with her ‘je ne sais quoi’ influence from her home...

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Using the 7 Cs to build resilience

Using the 7 Cs to build resilience

Resilience is a powerful trait that allows us to navigate the challenges and setbacks of life and business with strength and adaptability. At its core, resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity, to persevere in the face of obstacles, and to emerge...

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What our customers say

Emma Hand

Skin Vitality Newcastle

Sam helped me to identify what I want to achieve in both my personal and professional life (and what was holding me back). A year down the line, I have achieved more than I could possibly have imagined and I am still working on more goals for the future!

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