Unique You coaching programme

This programme can help you to increase your confidence, redefine identity, purpose and direction, limit negative beliefs and create the life of your dreams.

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1-1 Life Coaching

Tailored life coaching to suit your needs whether it's a particular goal you'd like to work on or a challenge you are facing.

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Business coaching

Coaching for solopreneurs and small businesses owners to help improve and grow their businesses.

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Group Coaching

Coaching for groups of individuals with shared situations and vision.

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Online courses

Tailored online courses to help you to achieve your personal and business goals.

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I run coaching workshops across the year aimed at helping to improve your life and business.

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Latest Articles

Are you an Impostor?

Many people share a dirty little secret at work or with their business: deep down, they feel inadequate, are filled with self-doubt, and have difficulty accepting their own accomplishments. This …

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Finding your Ikigai

If you’re feeling dissatisfied at work, discovering your Ikigai could well be the answer. Ikigai (pronounced Ick-ee-guy) means “a reason for being” and is at the heart of our purpose, …

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