If you run your own business either as a pre-start, solopreneur or micro business, coaching can help you to keep you motivated and grow your business. Running a business can be a lonely place and having someone to talk to, bounce off ideas with, work on your mindset and set goals with is invaluable.

I offer 1-1 coaching on zoom or in person in Newcastle with business owners and we meet every 1, 2 or 3 months to discuss you and your business and to progress your plans. In the sessions we:

  • Look at your plans, mission and aims for the business
  • Reduce any limiting thoughts
  • Reduce impostor syndrome
  • Teaching you mindset tips to think like an entrepreneur
  • Discuss aspects of the business you are struggling with and how to overcome them
  • Signposting to funding/specialist support
  • Marketing advice
  • Accountability meetings to keep you focused on on track
  • Someone to talk to about your business

I work with business owners in the UK and world-wide and if you run a business in Newcastle you can also benefit from me being and Expert in Residence for the BIPC where you can apply for 12 hours of fully funded with me.