If every day feels like groundhog day, here are 10 tips to feel happier and more productive working from home:

1. MAXIMISE SUNLIGHT: sunlight creates serotonin helping you to feel calm so work by a window and upstairs if you can as rooms can capture the light better. Dirt on the windows can reduce the amount of light passing through (get your Windowlene out!). Use mirrors to bounce light around the room.

2. MOVEMENT: Set your timer and stand up every 30-40 mins and have a walk around for 5-10 mins.

3. FRESH AIR AND NATURE: go out for a walk outside at some point during the day.

4. DECLUTTER: clutter can raise your level of cortisol, a stress hormone because it delivers conflicting stimuli to the brain so have a proper clear-out. Not so easy when you have children!

5. HOUSE PLANTS: Many claims are made for the mental benefits of contact with the natural world: reducing anxiety, stress and negative thoughts.

6. NETWORKING OR CHATTING WITH WORK COLLEAGUES -arrange a zoom call with work colleagues or business contact or attend a virtual networking event.

7. HAVE A SET TIME FOR WORKING: Write down a work routine and stick to it. When your workday stops, stop working, stop checking emails and focus on your home life.

8. CHECKING SOCIAL MEDIA/TEXTS/WHATSAPP/NEWS: We have so many distractions but they kill creativity and limit our focus so stick to set times for checking them.

9. NETWORKING OR CHATTING WITH WORK COLLEAGUES arrange a virtual meet up with work colleagues or business contacts or attend a virtual networking event.

10. MINIMISING LOUD NOISE: loud noise can tap into your ‘fight or flight’ response so use earplugs or listen to calming sounds like waves to cancel out any noise and feel calmer/more focused.
Sourced partly by BBC News.