I’ve been doing some research around confidence and self-worth recently and here are some new findings that have been quite encouraging:

1. Confidence is a skill
Many people think that confidence is a trait that you do or don’t have. This belief couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s actually a skill that needs to be practised regularly.

2. It’s impossible to lose your confidence
You were born with confidence . When you learnt to walk, you fell over an average of 17 times an hour. That resilience and skill you had to push through defeat and overcome obstacles is hardwired into your DNA, but along the way it just got blocked and you are having trouble accessing it right now. You Are confident, you just have to tap back into it.

3. You build your confidence when you fail.
Confidence isn’t created on the good days, it’s built when you fail and try again, overcome obstacles and bounce back.

If you’d like to work on building your confidence, I run 2 programmes – Confident You and Confident You in the workplace, which comprise of 4 sessions and teaches you lots of mindset tricks and exercises you need to build up your confidence. I also run a Coaching for Teenagers programme. See my coaching programmes page for more details.