If you thought that confidence was all about swagger and being outgoing, then here are a few surprising facts about confidence that you might not know.

1. Confident people are often quiet

When you’re truly confident, you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone and you don’t need all the answers. You know you can count on yourself.

2. You gain confidence when you’re losing

Confidence is built when life’s  hard and you fail and pick yourself back up again. It’s gained by overcoming obstacles.

3. You can’t lose your confidence

You are only blocked from your feeling of confidence. You are confident and just need to find new thoughts to feel confident again (this is where a coach comes in).

4. Confidence is just your willingness to try

A big mistake is to wait until you feel confident to take action. The secret is TRYING no matter how scared and unconfident you feel.

If you’re feeling like you could do with a confidence boost at the moment, I have some half workshops coming up where I will be sharing some top mindset tips, tools and exercises to help you to feel like your old self again (but a bit better!).

These workshops are fun, practical and really helpful to everyone who’s looking to increase their confidence whether at home or at work. This is also a perfect gift for someone you know who is lacking in confidence at the moment (gift vouchers are available).

The workshops will be taking place from 10am-1pm on:

Sat 28 May – Confident You – Newcastle
Sat 18 June – Confident You – on Zoom
Friday 17 June – Confident You in the workplace – on Zoomtle
Friday 1 July – Confident You in the worklace – on Zoom

You can book your place here