Deciding on your next stop can feel daunting when you run a business, so I’m excited that one of my coaching clients has decided to take the plunge. 

Natalia Krol owns Temple of the Stars by Nat and offers Lomilomi massage, a traditional Hawaiian massage combining massage techniques with breathwork to soothe and heal the body.

She also uses an oil-proof mat that allows you to experience a unique feeling of floating and flying, which can’t be experienced with any other massage.

When we started working together, Nat, originally from Poland, saw clients from her home and then took a small room in Hebburn. She’s just taken the brave step and moved into a new venue on Northumberland Street in Newcastle to attract a wider range of people and corporate clients.

Nat said: “Since I’ve started business coaching with Sam, I feel more on track about where I am heading. She has helped me to find my core values, step out of my comfort zone, learn new things and focus on my business goals. Thank you Sam for all your support and for sharing with me your skills.”

When you own a business you will go further faster with coaching and it’s affordable with a session every 1-3 months or to suit you. Here’s more details and costs.