Build your
business confidence

Confidence is at the core of success for a small business owner and whilst it’s natural for confidence to ebb and flow, when an entrepreneur gets stuck in a loop of negative thinking and inaction, they become their own greatest block to success.

To support this, I offer a Building your Business coaching workshop that aims to boost self-confidence in small business owners.

Small business owners, especially women, are also more likely to suffer from Impostor Syndrome with 85% of people experiencing these feelings at any one point in their business.

Having an entrepreneurial mindset is also really important to succeed so my coaching involves identifying any limiting beliefs, increasing your confidence and overcome any barriers to success.

This workshop can be run as a 2 or 3 hour session and includes:

  • Challenges faced by the entrepreneur
  • The confidence-competency loop
  • What’s unique about you and your business?
  • Reducing limiting beliefs that hold you back and rewiring your brain
  • Tips on how to develop your growth mindset and get out of your comfort zone
  • Gaining clarity in your business and what your aims are
  • Fear setting – estimating danger and why our brains start worrying
  • Setting goals with science backed ways to achieve them

To discuss hosting or attending a workshop please email me or alternatively, book a free call to discuss coaching in more detail here

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