.A big shout out to The Business Clinic at Northumbria University who I recently had the pleasure of working with.

The clinic offers a fantastic service that pairs undergraduate and postgraduate business students working on their final dissertation projects with local businesses seeking consultancy services.

I was assigned three students studying BAs in Business and Marketing, Business Management and Entrepreneurship who researched the UK coaching market for me and provided insights beneficial to my work as a coach for business owners and leaders.

Their findings were helpful, revealing that although 92% of business owners who had worked with a coach reported significant business growth, the main barriers identified were a lack of knowledge of how a coach could help them, and the perceived high cost – both of which we can address more effectively.

What I particularly enjoyed, was working with the students as a real-life client over four months. They attended client meetings, presented their findings, and received feedback from me, which I believe was important for their learning experience. A big thank you to Nicola Burnip for managing the process so well.

If your business could benefit from the Business Clinic’s services, you can find more information about the type of consultancy that’s offered here: 

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