Christopher Owens is one of the leading portrait photographers in the North East and works with the region’s movers and shakers and corporate players to capture the essence of who they are by telling their story using bold colour and graphic framing to create a curiosity for the viewer.     


Last year, Chris also launched apatternof, an online editorial platform which acts as a space for him to self-commission personal projects alongside interviews about people’s work, life and the intersection where the two meet.

Coaching had been something that Chris was interested in to help him with accountability and motivation for his business. As anyone knows who works alone, accountability is one of the biggest contributors to business success which is why coaching is so important to small business owners.


Chris said “I was sceptical about coaching, but I needn’t have been as it’s been really valuable to my business. Meeting with Sam every 1-2 months helps me to work on my business rather than in it, and see new perspectives to think outside the box.
“Working on my mindset is also important to increase my confidence and remove self-doubt especially when considering new initiatives and putting myself out there. Coaching is something I plan to continue in the future to hold me to account and grow my business and I would recommend anyone else do the same.”
If you need some new photos for your business or next advertising campaign, you can see more work from Chris at
Did you know that businesses in Newcastle, Gateshead and Sunderland can now apply for 12 hours of fully funded coaching with me through the BIPC North East.