The Confident You coaching programme is aimed at increasing self-confidence in the workplace.

The pandemic and lockdown have left many with low self-confidence, poor self-esteem and struggling with self-motivation.  A recent survey by Vodafone found more than one in three workers experienced a loss in confidence after spending time away from work, with women almost twice as likely to be affected as men.

The Confident You programme is aimed at helping those who struggle with confidence to maximise their potential and improve interactions with colleagues  and clients as well as to assist with their mental health. Having a more confident workforce can also create a positive return on investment for an employer.

The programme consists of 4 x 1.5  hour sessions and covers:

  • How confident do you feel now? (confidence evaluation)
  • Rediscovering your strengths, qualities and achievements
  • Working out your Core Values and personality type which helps with self-awareness and decision making
  • Identifying your inner critic/limiting beliefs and reframing those beliefs to creating more helpful ones
  • Teaching that confidence is like a muscle that needs to be exercised and providing mindset and confidence tools to work on going forward.
  • Supporting development areas identified in your 1-1s

The programme costs £395 per person (cost reduces for more than 5 employees).

Each session can be held either on Zoom, at your offices* or at my office at Uniquethinking, The Dormitory, Friars Street, Newcastle, NE1 4XN.  I recommend that this programme is run on a 1-1 basis. Group sessions can also be arranged on other coaching topics including Impostor Syndrome and Confidence building techniques.

You can arrange a time to discuss this programme here.