I offer a coaching programme and workshops to help those going through a relationship breakdown, separation or divorce.

After so much negativity, it’s common for people to lose their confidence, have low self-esteem and struggle with their thoughts and emotions as they go through a stressful time and adjust to a different life without their partner.

This is a perfect time to work with a Life Coach as we look at a client’s strengths, values and identity and the life they would now like to live while helping them to manage their own mindset to create a happier life.

I also work in partnership with divorce lawyers as a way to offer extra support to their clients.

The programme consists of 4 sessions and includes:

  • Reducing negativity about your ex-partner/the situation and helping with managing your emotions
  • Redefining your new identity
  • Discovering any outdated negative or limiting beliefs that you may hold about yourself and reframing them
  • Working through the life you want going forward
  • Looking at career options, if appropriate
  • Having someone neutral and impartial to listen to you and offer different perspectives
  • Defining your goals for the future and helping to implement action plans to achieve them
  • Tips on surviving a divorce or separation

The cost is £45 per session on Zoom or £50 in-person at my coaching room in the centre of Newcastle.


I also run group workshops with the next one coming up on 5 November as well as those in conjunction with family lawyers to give those going through a divorce mindset tips to reduce negativity and manage their emotions through their break-up.

If you would like to more information on my 1-1 sessions or workshop please get in touch.