It’s really cosy in our comfort zone but when we move out of it, that’s where the magic happens.

Below describes the zones we have to move through to achieve growth.

The Comfort Zone

We feel safe and in control in our comfort zone. Trouble is, we stay here too long as it’s easy and doesn’t take any effort. It can also feel uncomfortable as we want more from life but are too scared to move to the fear zone.

The Fear Zone

We know we want to break free of our comfort zone but it’s scary so often we don’t like to be in this zone.

How many times have you made excuses to yourself not to do something you know you really should?  I am guilty of this and make a lot of excuses before I do something. Then I get cross with myself that I hadn’t done it sooner. One of the big things I put off was changing my business from PR to what it is now. I put it off because I was good at PR, I made money and it would mean starting again. I also doubted myself even though everyone told me I’d be good at life coaching.

With stepping into the fear zone, we may not feel confident and may worry what people think of us.

As we step out of our comfort zone, we feel the fear, but sometimes we come to realise that fear over a particular issue might not be that bad. This means our comfort zone extends to incorporate it – we feel ok about that issue now.

The Learning Zone

We’ve passed the fear and we’re ready to deal with challenges and problems and acquire new skills – this is a zone I love. And as we face our fears, we realise that learning helps us and gives us the tools to get over those fears more quickly and efficiently. Our confidence grows and we feel good about ourselves.

The Growth Zone

It looks like the Growth Zone is where we’ve made it… for now at least.

Remember, your dreams might change as you develop through these zones and we will make new goals whilst conquering others. Our lives in work and play are ever-expanding.

It’s important to remember that right now you may feel comfortable about lots of things – but this comfort has likely been firmly placed in the fear zone in the past.

What areas are you willing to start feeling the fear in today or this week? Just try doing one new thing.

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