Give the gift of confidence to family and friends with one of my tailored life coaching packages. I offer a range of face to face, virtual or online programmes that can all be bought as a voucher to help that special person in your life.

These gifts are perfect for anyone who wants to increase their confidence, gain more clarity in life, limit their negative beliefs and to feel excited for the future.

life coach gifts

Unique You Inside and Out

Rediscover what’s unique you about on the inside as well as on the outside. Includes half day coaching session and half day styling session looking at your colour, style and outfits to make you shine once again.

8 hour session (over 2 days) – £150

Unique You (in person or on Zoom)

Coaching aimed at getting your life on track and your mojo back, helping you to feel more confident and energised with a clear direction.

4 sessions either in person or on Zoom – £180

Unique You (online programme)

The online version of my face-to-face coaching programme that you can complete in your own time. Includes guided video tutorials and exercises to complete.


Unique You after separation or divorce

Coaching to work on your new identity, reduce negativity and to make future plans after a separation.

4 sessions for £180.

Unique You for teenagers

Coaching to boost self-esteem and self-confidence and reduce anxieties in teenagers and young adults.

4 sessions either in person or on Zoom – £180

Unique You for empty nesters

Coaching to rediscover yourself and your identity as you adjust to your children leaving home.

4 sessions either in person or on Zoom – £180.

Unique Business

Coaching to help you to keep focused, set goals and grow your small business or progress at work.

Monthly or bi-monthly sessions from £50 per session.

Adhoc coaching sessions

Coaching to discuss a particular issue or challenge you are facing such as making a decision about or key area in your life or overcoming a relationship difficulty at home or at work.

From £50 per session.

“Coaching really helped me see all of my qualities and made me believe in myself again”.

LAURA, Life coaching client