Do you ever think life should have been different in some way?

Maybe you should have had a different upbringing, had different parents, not been abused, not been treated in that way by a partner, not taken that job or not invested in that business.

But what about if everything happens exactly as it should happen?

According to author, Byron Katie in her book ‘Loving What Is’ she says:

“Could it be that all along, I’ve lived a life I should have lived and everything I’ve done has been what I should have done”.

If you can get your head around that everything so far has happened the way it should have, you can look at your life from a whole new perspective and relax into knowing that that’s how it was always going to happen.

She says when you argue with reality, you will always lose. “The past is over. It’s a reality we can’t change. When we argue with it and believe that it should have been different, we always lose”.

When we can accept and say yes to the reality of what is, when we can love what is, that’s when we win because we release that resistance to it.

If you can look at the positive of what has happened it’s also useful as your experiences are what have helped to shape who you are today.