Career coaching (4 sessions)


This voucher is for a coaching programme and the recipient will have the option of a number of programmes including Confident You, Unique You, Confident Solo or Confident Business Owner, all of which can be seen in the shop.




Working out what career would best suit you and what you actually want to do in life can be challenging.  Sometimes there is not an obvious choice. You may have worked in the same role for 20 years but now feel it’s not making you happy. You may feel burnt out and want a totally different role to support a a more balanced lifestyle.  Taking a qestionnaire online can give you some of the answers, but there’s nothing like working with a coach 1-1 to really give you clarity and confidence in your decision.

In 4 sessions we look at

  • Your unique strengths and achievements
  • Your passion and purpose
  • Time to dream – what would you really like to do if time or money were no object?
  • Identifying any limiting beliefs or blocks
  • Clarification of career and goals to get you there in the future