Your brain is the most powerful tool that you have and does what you tell it to do.

If you ask it a negative question ie “Why is my life so awful?”, it will look for evidence that your life is awful and do all it can to prove the negative belief is correct.

If you give your brain empowering questions, it will go to work for you and most likely come up with creative solutions.

Here are some negative questions: “Why is my business failing?”, “What is wrong with me?”, “What did I do to deserve this?”, “What will they think of me?, “Why am I so overweight?”, “Why does nobody like me?” or “Why am I so rubbish?”.

Compare these to: “What can I do to get on with my dad”, “How can I get more clients?”, “What do I love about myself?”, “What can I do to eat more healthily?”, or “What can I do to get on with my partner more?”.

If you want great answers, ask empowering questions.
What do you want your brain to be working on for you?