According to research, around a third of us have given up on our New Year’s resolutions or goals by 15 January and this increases to 50% by mid-February.

If this sounds like you and your health, fitness or business goals have already failed, don’t despair because there are a few science-backed tips to help you to get on track.

1. Write it down
Write your goal down on paper every day to set off your reticular activating system to focus on what’s important every day. This will increase your chances by 42%.

2. Be clear about what you want
Understand the goal setting process and be crystal clear about what you want, when, how and why you want to achieve it.

3. Schedule
Write down all the tasks that you have to do to achieve your goal and schedule them in your diary like you would a meeting. Be as specific as you can for each diary entry.  This will increase your chances by 50%.

4. Visualise yourself working on the goal
Visualising yourself working on the goal using all your senses can increase your chances of achieving it by 33% as this tricks your brain into thinking it’s real.

5. Decide who you need to be
Who do you you need to become to achieve your goal.  You can’t expect to achieve something new without making some adjustments.  Do you need to be more disciplined or have more self-belief?  Step into the person you need to be.

6. Take the first step
Doubting yourself or being stuck in analysis paralysis won’t get you to where you need to be.

Take the first step, make the call, take action, don’t worry if you’re not ready.

7. Schedule update meetings
The best thing you can do to achieve a goal is to set up an accountability meeting with a coach or a friend.  The important part is to meet with someone and update them on your goal – this will ensure you are 95% more likely to achieve anything in life.

If you’re struggling to achieve your New Year’s Resolution or goals, set up a coaching call so we can discuss steps you could take to make this the year you actually do it. I offer goal review sessions so you can update me on your goal and we can work through any limiting thoughts that may be preventing you from succeeding.

You can either arrange a free call with me or email me for more details.