The Confident
Teenager Workshop

The teenage years can be a difficult and emotional time (especially magnified by Lockdown) and it’s estimated that up to half of adolescents struggle with low self-confidence levels.

I run a 2 hour group workshop providing mindset tips to increase teenagers’ confidence where we cover:

– What is self-confidence?
– Discover what’s unique about you
– Identifying your inner critic 
– What are your limiting beliefs and how to reframe them
– Fixed v growth mindsets.
– How to manage your thoughts and feelings
– How to manage your mindset to feel more confident
– Pack your Confidence backpack and how to keep working on it

The workshop is perfect for presentations in school, colleges and universities as well as with community groups and charities.

I also run in person 1-1 Life coaching sessions to help teenagers to increase their confidence or to discuss a specific topic that is bothering them. As a trained coach and counsellor, I can help them to:

  • Increase self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Help and guide them through their decisions about the future and provide re-assurance
  • Discover what’s unique about them
  • Work through their feelings and help them to deal with them
  • Manage their mindset to feel happier

I run one off sessions for £60 per 1.5 hour or a course of 4 sessions for £210.

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