When the children leave home, it is such a wonderful time in some ways as you have more time on your hands. You can start to think about you and what you’d like next in your life.

However, it can be difficult as you may lack purpose and struggle with your identity after years of parenting and may feel you lack confidence.

I offer a Unique You for Empty Nesters programme which consists of 4 1-1 sessions which includes:

  • Identifying your strengths, values and passions 
  • Increasing your confidence and self-esteem
  • Working through and addressing any limiting beliefs
  • Mindset management to feel happier
  • Exploring the life you now want
  • Setting meaningful goals and actions plans 
  • Includes work for you to complete at home

The cost of this programme is £50 per 1 hour session and are held either on Zoom or in person in Newcastle.