Rediscover what’s unique about you on in the inside as well as the outside. Includes a half-day coaching session working on your mindset and working on you self-confidence and half day styling session with an expert stylist looking at your colour, style and outfits to make you shine once again.

Mindset Life Coaching:

Half-day coaching session where we look at

  • What’s unique about you – your strengths, qualities and achievments
  • Your core values
  • What you really want
  • Overcoming limiting bliefs
  • Mindset mangement
  • Setting goals to create the life you want

Half day style coaching:

This can be arranged either in person in Newcastle or on Zoom.

We will then arrange a video chat so we can identify your colouring, body shape and complexion and ask you questions that will give us an overview of your lifestyle and wardrobe needs.

If you meet your stylist in person, she will arrange to meet you in Newcastle and will have a range of outfits selected for you or we can see you on zoom and provide personal styling. If you meet on Zoom your stylist will look through clothes that are in your wardrobe with you and recommend what clothes and styles will suit you along with recommendations on how to work them into your current wardrobe.

The goal after each session is for you to look amazing from head to toe and that you will have a complete wardrobe that will work with your everyday life!

The cost is £295 for the full day session.

If you’d like to book an Inside Out Coaching session or buy a gift voucher, please arrange please email