Love languages are your preferences for feeling love.

There are 5 ways in which you can feel love  – these are actions that someone can do to make you feel loved and are:

  1. Words of affirmation – sometimes verbal or sometimes in writing, these include someone saying “I love you”, “thank you”, praise or a compliment.  It is an acknowledgment of the other person.
  2. Acts of service – actions speak louder than words – you prefer someone to do something for you and includes offering to offering to help, doing something for you, cooking a meal, washing their car
  3. Gifts – some people love them and others don’t care much for them.
  4. Quality time – feeling like you have someone’s undivided attention.  This means their phone is switched off and they’re spending 1-1 time with you.
  5. Physical touch – holding hands, hugs, kisses, general affection. Some people love it, others aren’t that fussed. if you had less touch as a baby you may not need this as your love language.

It’s important to know what your partners love language is so you can give them love more effectively.

Remember, you can’t change someone and make them speak your language, but you can let them know what yours is and find out what theirs is.

Here’s a quiz to work out yours

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